If you are coming to the end of your mortgage, credit card or loan payment holiday, we will contact you before it ends, there is no need to call us. You can use our coronavirus support tool to find the right solution for your needs and confirm what you would like to do in a few simple steps.

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Log on to Internet Banking

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Find out more about support and guidance


It only takes a few minutes to register for Internet Banking before you can start managing your finances quickly and securely online.






Get credit interest and enjoy 1 digital movie rental per month for 12 months when you join Club Lloyds. T&C's and eligibility apply.

Find out moreFind out more about Club Lloyds

Send money outside the UK

Do you have family overseas and need to send them money? Whatever the reason, our services are efficient and secure. 

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Find out how much you can borrow before you apply. How much we lend and the rate available are subject to our assessment of your circumstances.

How much can I borrow?How much can I borrow with our Personal Loan calculator

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We may monitor or record telephone calls to check out your instructions correctly and to help us improve the quality of our service. Calls from abroad are charged according to the telephone service provider’s published tariff. Not all Telephone Banking services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please speak to an adviser for more information.